Search and Selection of adequate suppliers & Assessment for international purchasing

  • To find, identify and source suppliers of products according to your business demand.
  • To ease the purchasing process, thereby permitting the optimisation of the resources and communication with your suppliers. The grouping of goods is an realistic possibility.

How we work?

1. Confirmation of important features about your product or supplier.

2. Search for potential suppliers according to the previous result.

3. First contact with the suppliers. Price request, payment and delivery terms, etc.

4. Sort and analyse the search results to select the supplier.

5. To submit a purchase request and acceptance of conditions.

6. Order preparation

7. Proceeding with the terms of a payment agreement.

8. Inspection of goods (accordance with realistic possibilities) and all necessary documentation are required to import.

9. Logistics coordination “Door to Door” and shipment of all merchandise ordered. We are working closely with freight forwarders and customs brokers.

10. Notice of receipt of goods.


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